Espacio Arroelo

Espacio Arroelo

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Sitting in the heart of the small riverside city of Pontevedra, Espacio Arroelo is cheekily referred to as a crazy space where there are no barriers for its coworkers to adhere to – so let’s just say, “anything goes” with every mouthful of tapas you can down.

Open for a little over 4 years, it has accumulated a creative community of professionals who share confidences, ideas, laughter and mega work and knowledge. It is a place to collaborate and celebrate the differences of a “herd”, but to findthe strength and companionship that is lacking when working in solo mode with no peer support.

There is plenty of space to set up shop with your laptop in either a shared environment or in your own private individual office, with meeting rooms available for up to 30 hot bodies to gather in.

Some recent reviews include…

“I could not have found a better place to do my job. I recommend to everyone
that you know the different professional profiles that are in the space,
many young people with enormous potential.”

“It is a pleasure to share space, thoughts, passions and much talent.”

There is super fast Wi-Fi to plug into and every office paraphernalia that you could imagine to play with. You will have room for your elbows on the desk if that is where you want to put them and plenty of cohorts to mingle and network with when the mood takes you.

A dynamic and energetic space built for creativity.