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The cozy coworking community

WERF5 is a coworking space in a cosy wharf cellar in the heart of Utrecht.

The goal of WERF5 is to be a place where we can do focussed work, where we can meet (new) people and where we can inspire and learn from each other.

During work-hours between 9:00 and 19:00 on weekdays it’s a co-working (coworking) place for freelancers. We’ll get in touch with you to give you the instructions. You can also just come by and see if there is space.

Theregular members have their own fixed workspot because they like, or need, a big screen to work on.
The flexible member come in often, but don’t need a fixed desk to work.
The “the visitors” come in from time to time to have some focussed worktime, to meet with someone or to join an activity.

After work-hours and in the weekends WERF5 is often used as a place for workshops / brainstorm sessions / meetups / guided meditation / book-clubs / game-nights / live music.

The space can also be rented by external people for an activity or meeting.

Important: If you request a free day pass, do so only if you’re interested in long term membership. If you only want to come cowork for a day, the normal rate applies.