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I am a Senior Product Designer with 13 years of experience working at multifaceted properties delivering solutions to product, editorial and community based demands. My work ranges across the realms of B2B, Saas and IoT, and over the years I have learned to channel my efforts efficiently while remaining flexible and reliable.

I’ve also been assisting my immediate supervisors with developing and implementing design strategies, as well as mentoring and managing junior and mid-level designers.

What makes me excited about my trade is the possibility to work with trendsetting products and companies that bring true value to their fields, have a positive impact on people’s lives and understand the importance of design and user experience.

I graduated from California College of Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and I’m currently working as a Senior Product Designer at SoulCycle. I am looking to join an innovative companies and collaborate in their products. Please don’t hesitate to contact with me with any further questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jackson Puff