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I’m an expert in marketing and advertising – classic advertising, direct marketing, social marketing, sales marketing. Working as a freelancer now, over 25 years of experience.Specialized over the last years beside creative direction and copywriting in creative planning: developing sales driven campaigns, B2B and B2C. I learned my job in Germany, in the top agencies like Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, Wunderman, JvM and many more, working on hundreds of different projects. And never stopped asking questions and learning more. Mandatory for my work is trend research – which is also a hobby of mine. By doing this I prefer the bottom-up-strategy instead of the top-down-research – which leads to more efficiency and down-to-earth results. My preferred clients are those who believe in data, insights, and strategies – combined with creativity. Clients who are willing to leave the comfort zone of traditional ways of marketing and want to go further. And not just do what everybody else is doing. Because in the end: it’s the numbers that counts, the results. Not the way …

What makes me unique

I'm a polyglot person with a quite unique biography: born in Namibia, Africa, went to school in Germany, the U.S.A., and South Africa, studied in Germany. I lived and worked in many countries as well such as Scotland, Portugal, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I'm open-minded and see the world - and have a lot of experience. Not only in business terms, but also in life. And this is the fuel for my own think tank. I do not work inside an illusionary bubble or ivory tower. One of my clients once said to me: "I did not get from you what I wanted, but everything I needed."


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Travel Journalist, Copywriter, Creative Director, Creative Planner, Head of Creative Planning, Director Creative Development


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