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About Me

I am a multi-award winner and dedicated Human Resource Professional. Recently awarded the ‘Most Successful Youth Influencer – Dubai’ (by Berkley’s Middle East and Investors Club). I have been using LinkedIn tirelessly for over 7 years now and have mastered the art of using it. The platform provides various tools and features to brand yourself, create an influence, grow your tribe and share variety of content to expand your immediate network.

With over half a million active and engaged followers on my LinkedIn, I am truly on a serious mission to help empower not only the job seeker community, but to show organizations and individuals how they can take advantage of social media platforms such as LinkedIn to facilitate their brand awareness. I love people, technology and data.

I am also consistently listed in the top list of online influencers and career advisors. My work and efforts in career coaching and personal branding never go unnoticed and which keeps me engaged in multiple live broadcasts and workshops where I share strategies to build the influence, increase engagement on the content and grow your social currency. I have mastered the art of using LinkedIn for content creation, visibility, growth hack and growing the network at an exponential speed. I am very passionate to help everyone in unleashing their potential and accomplishing their career and business goals.

I would love to assist people who are in midst of their careers and goals but need little guidance and motivation. I bring the spark back and help them achieve their targets. I also love to educate people that how they can use LinkedIn differently and explore its dynamics and find the true network treasure.

Below are my specialties on LinkedIn:

– Expanding your network in different ways

– Boosting your content visibility across the platform

– Job searching techniques and connecting with HRs/Recruiters

– Running your tribe on LinkedIn and maximizing the groups

– LinkedIn profile optimization for visibility, growth and career

– Mastering the tools and features of LinkedIn for personal branding


Don’t be shy, we all learn from each other’s experience and expertise BUT grow together.

Let me help you with what I can, and surely I will.

Drop me an inbox here on ExpertMap or Email at: [email protected]

What makes me unique

I have been using LinkedIn for more than 7 years now and certainly mastered the dynamics of this platform. Whether you are seeking guidance in job searching, tips and tricks to grow big on LinkedIn and to create an influence or are you interested in content creation and expanding your network; I definitely can help you with my experience and journey. People usually say, wow you have half a million followers on LinkedIn. Is not it amazing? My answer to them remains No! The reason is anybody can achieve the same if they put the right and sincere efforts in with an investment of time. Yes, I would be amazed if nobody could do this.


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