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UX UI Designer | Service Designer

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About Me

Mexican woman, UX UI Designer | Service Designer by profession, with a background in Architecture and 10 years of experience in design thinking, user-centered design, web design, and storytelling.

On the technical side, I have worked with SaaS, developing B2B projects and internal processes for the oil industry. On the softer side, I have an inclination for accessibility, responsiveness, and strategic thinking.

What makes me unique

As an Architect, I developed a sensibility of my surroundings, as a Designer to embrace the idea of not being attached to my own designs, and finally, abstraction what I have developed as a Visual Artist to solve complex concepts into communication. Some of my strongest skills are, that I’m a passionate person, I enjoy solving complex problems, and design is my output.

My aspirations in my professional career are to collaborate and develop empathy through teamwork, motivate women in tech, and solve social and environmental problems through communication and transparency.



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UX Designer, UX UI Designer, Product Designer, Branding Specialist



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