Marketing Specialist at Precision Nutrition

Marketing Specialist at Precision Nutrition

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Wanted: A Marketing Specialist who will plan and execute our marketing campaigns

PN is growing, and we need an experienced, eagle-eyed Marketing Specialist who knows how to coordinate every aspect of our marketing programs so we can help millions of more people live healthier happier lives.

This is a 6-month contract position that will potentially lead to a full-time opportunity afterward. We are growing and we are growing fast!

Join our Adventure

  • We’re embarking on a new adventure, and we need an organized, discerning marketing ninja to see our campaigns to fruition.
  • We’ve got an exciting journey ahead of us… Over the next 10 years, Precision Nutrition will be expanding its world-class coaching services into a wide range of new fields, including functional medicine, chiropractic, and manual therapy, yoga, group exercise, and more.
  • To help us reach our goals and keep us moving forward, we need a Marketing Specialist who knows how to manage the entire campaign process from zero to launch.

Who we’re looking for

  • A methodical planner who thrives on turning ideas into reality
  • You love what you do. You are committed to being the backbone of our marketing team.
  • This work genuinely brings a smile to your face. You thrive on being behind the scenes planning, coordinating, and executing all things marketing.
  • You can take a great idea, plan out the steps needed to turn the idea into a reality…and that’s what energizes you every day. You’re confident in your ability to see things through and take great pride in supporting and partnering with the team.
  • You have a keen eye for detail. Quality is important to you. You spot spelling errors, grammar faux pas, typos, and misplaced pixels even when you’re just scanning a page.
  • You have managed large and complex budgets and projects. You are careful, cautious and incredibly meticulous; some may even call you nitpicky—in an endearing way, of course!
  • You’re a prioritizing multi-tasker with a sense of urgency. You’re a highly organized problem-solver, you know how to prioritize, adapt quickly when the scope changes—because it often will—and thrive in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.
  • You want—need—to make things better. You are constantly looking at ways to improve processes and add efficiencies. Your instinct is to document everything so others can follow your path to greatness.
  • You know how to zoom in and zoom out. You can navigate between the big picture and small details. You are able to understand the overall strategy of a marketing campaign and identify all of the small details required to execute it.
  • You might possess psychic abilities. No, not really, but you do have an uncanny way of anticipating problems before they even happen. You have the ability to see the big picture and the smallest of details, come up with creative solutions, and will roll up your sleeves and take care of it too.
  • You’re self-motivated and can work independently. Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction.
  • You’re an exceptional communicator. You know how to inspire and be heard. You know the importance of communication, especially when to speak up and when to listen. You aren’t afraid to ask questions and get clarity when you need it.
  • You can effectively work remotely. You have strong self-structure and discipline, and have worked remotely either currently or in the past, so you know the benefits and the challenges.

What you’ll be doing

  • Coordinating our multi-faceted campaigns
  • You’re the backbone of the marketing team, holding everything in place. Yup, really. The backbone. That’s how important this role is. You wake up in the morning having just dreamt about taking the team’s marketing ideas and managing those ideas right into existence. Now that you’re awake, you grab a coffee and start living that dream, which includes:
  • Turning ideas into to-do lists. You take an idea from the team and translate it into a series of actions (down to the smallest detail) that need to happen for it to materialize. You might call that a project plan. We call that kicking ass.
  • Coordinating with our marketing team. You’ll be working with the people executing our marketing programs, making sure the work is being done on time and to PN standards. You’ll ask lots of questions and watch for potential gaps, working to remove barriers and keep everyone on track.
  • Seeing through your own projects. Along with coordinating marketing campaigns, you’ll have some larger marketing projects to tackle. A project of this size could be improving search engine optimization, coordinating a video shoot, or creating a new lead generation offering.
  • Assuring the quality of our work. QA is a big part of your job. We have a lot of moving parts here at PN, and we need someone with an eye for the details. Someone who can test landing pages across devices and catch the tiniest of details that look off.
  • Someone who understands how all of the pieces fit together, makes sure every detail is covered, and is confident they’ll catch any errors before marketing material gets in front of our customers.
  • Keeping an eye on the budget. You’ll help track and manage campaign and marketing investments closely, with a focus on optimizing return on investments

A few important caveats

  • This is a dream job if you’re the right person for it.
  • Must-Have #1: You understand great marketing.
    • You have a strong grasp of marketing strategy, including advertising, email marketing, social media, SEO, content marketing, and web analytics.
  • Must-Have #2: You must be experienced.
    • You have successfully coordinated marketing programs and campaigns from A to Z. You’ve developed detailed project plans and worked across organizations to successfully manage projects to completion on time and on budget. You’ve managed complex budgets, working with marketing and finance teams.
  • Must-Have #3: You must have proven results.
    • You’ve not only coordinated marketing programs and campaigns, but you have something to show for it. You have examples of campaigns, project plans and budget templates from the programs you’ve coordinated that have been successful in lead generation, lead qualification, and ultimately sales.
  • Wondering if this is the right path for you?
  • Every year, professionals at the top of their field choose to join Precision Nutrition.
  • Here are some reasons why.
  • Reason #1: We give you the freedom to “do you.”
    • Unlike most companies, we don’t have rigid rules about how and when to do things. You’ll always be free to work independently, whenever, wherever, and however you want.
  • Reason #2: You can work from anywhere.
    • We’re a 100% remote company, and have been working remote for 17 years. When you join our team, you’re no longer shackled to one desk, one office, one city, or even one country!
  • Reason #3: Meetings are optional. (No, really.)
    • You’re an adult. You’re capable of deciding how your time should be spent. If you don’t think you need to attend a meeting, you don’t. Simple as that.
  • Reason #4: You’ll always feel supported.
    • In a regular office, it’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel, powerless to change things. At Precision Nutrition, we work as a team to overcome issues & barriers that stand in each other’s way, and we treat each other with enthusiasm, compassion, and care.
  • Reason #5: You’ll never be bored.
    • People often come to Precision Nutrition after hitting a plateau in their old jobs. At PN, you’ll get the chance to conquer new challenges, learn from the best, and reach thrilling new heights of personal and professional growth.
  • Reason #6: You’re free to be you.
    • At Precision Nutrition, we want everyone to live healthier, happier lives—no matter your race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. That’s why diversity is a key ingredient of our workforce, so we can best represent the people we serve. Everyone is welcome—as an inclusive workplace, we want our employees to bring their authentic whole selves to work. Be you.
  • Plus: no commute … and no 9-to-5 grind.
  • Go ahead: schedule work around your kids. Fly to Europe on a moment’s notice. We don’t care where you’re based or what hours you keep, as long as you always give us your best when it counts.