Remote Senior UI Designer at WisePops

Remote Senior UI Designer at WisePops

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You’ll be working with a small remote team of top talents with experience at Amazon, Rakuten, Botify, Publicis, and Doctolib.


We operate two SaaS products:

  • WisePops: a popup solution that helps marketers design and publish eye-catching modals. WisePops is used by organizations like Mixpanel, Greenpeace, Ocado, and Postmates.
  • Wisp: a new solution that allows e-commerce websites to create a personalized feed of notifications for their visitors.

We need an experienced and meticulous UI designer to join our team to:

  • Create great-looking user interfaces (99% of the job)
  • Craft inspirational templates for our clients
  • Help us develop our visual identity (Bonus)

The UI designer is a strategic part of our team as:

1) We’re customer-centric and product-driven. We care a LOT about our product interfaces and our design.

2) Both our products are dedicated to E-commerce websites, where design really matters.


  • Help us shape the look and feel of our new features
  • Turn technical specifications and raw prototypes into sleek mockups that the tech team can add effortlessly to the apps
  • Create and maintain a clean and robust design system
  • Create cutting edge popup templates

Our product management process

  • We spend hours every week collecting feedback about our products either through phone calls or chat discussions
  • Based on this feedback, we prioritize new features
  • We then prepare detailed product specifications (user stories and basic mockups) to lay the foundation for the new feature
  • These specifications are then discussed with the tech team and the UI designer
  • The UI designer creates the mockups based on all these elements


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible hours

The company

WisePops is a popup solution helping 1,000+ websites increase conversions and build their email list.

WisePops was founded in 2013 by Benjamin Cahen. At the time a full-time employee at Amazon, Ben managed to reach $50k in monthly revenue in 3 years with just one developer. Now generating $1.6M in annual revenue, the company is looking to skyrocket its growth. The company is 100% remote.


  • Experience in SaaS or with a complex Web application
  • Native English
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Based in Europe

Location: Based in Europe

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