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Betahause in Kreuzberg, Berlin is the pioneer in a series of 4 locations (the other 3 being Hamburg, Sofia and Barcelona) and sits itself on Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, Berlin 10969.

Whether you’re looking for quiet concentration or a communicative jam, this 3000 sq metre space offers a blend of both as well as a large event space, electronic lab (think Mad Max) and a cafe on the ground floor;

You’ll find yourself in a sheer mass of startuppers gathered in one place in the middle of a Monday afternoon – graphic designers, programmers, photographers, architects, designers, video artists, journalists and bloggers. Throw in access to printers, scanners, and free WiFi #winning

If breakfast is your thang, be sure to join their betabreakfast program held every Thursdays – some with an entrepreneurial focus and some with a tech focus. It’s the perfect way to get to know creative minds and start ups in Berlin. Did we mention that Brötchen and fresh coffee will be served?

Rumor has it they’ve got stickers from almost every Berlin startup, if you’re a laptop-sticker-person. Best head over yourself to check em out!