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What are the expert features?

Free/Paid Plans
Expert Profile
Learn more about expert profile features

Categories: Entrepreneur, Content Creator, E-Learning Creator, Influencer, Coach, Personal Trainer, Freelancer, Virtual Assistant

Plans: Basic, Business

What are the company features?

Free/Paid Plans
Company Profile
Learn more about company profile features.

Categories: Consulting, Education & Science, Internet & IT, Marketing , PR & Design, Media & Publishing, HR Services, Telecommunication, Associations & Institutions, Sales & Commerce, Service Providers

Plans: Basic, Premium

What are the co-working features?

Free/Paid Plans
Co-Working Space
Learn more about co-working space features.

Categories: Desk, Meeting Rooms, Private Office

Plans: Basic, Premium


Find a selection of important questions and answers

What is ExpertMap?

ExpertMap is a visibility platform for experts, companies & co-working spaces.

Here you can discover awesome professionals and their services & products, find co-working spaces as well as get in direct contact with the listing owners. Submit or search for jobs, events or blog articles.

What are the advantages of ExpertMap?

ExpertMap let’s you create highly appealing professional profiles for your business as an expert, and let you sell your services & products. You can also create a company or co-working space profile.

Our search page offers diverse filters to narrow down your search, and you can also search via map. Therefore you can use our “Map" feature on the right side of the filter bar.

Apply for remote jobs, connect with other experts through events and read or write interesting articles.

Can I register for free? (YES)

You can register your account for free through this link:
Register Now
After you have verified your email address you can use our messaging system, buy services & products, and write reviews or comments on ExpertMap.

If you want to create your own listing,
learn more about our membership plans.

Are there any costs for ExpertMap membership plans?

ExpertMap offers different membership plans for experts, companies & co-working spaces. Each listing type has it’s own plans, a “free plan" & a “paid plan".

You can find all plan pages through these links:

All Plans | Expert Plans | Company Plans | Co-Working Plans

How can I purchase membership plans?

You can purchase membership plans and promotions using your Paypal or Stripe account.

After you have chosen your membership plan, create your listing through the submission form.

After submitting the listing you will get directed to the payment page where you can choose the payment method and finalize your order.

How can I upgrade my membership plan?

You can always upgrade your membership plan through your Dashboard.

Navigate to the listing you want to change the plan for. Click on the “Change Plan" button and select the new plan.

How can I renew my subscription?

Your subscriptions continues for the time-frame you have chosen for your plan. (180 / 365 days)

If the time is up your listing will be downgraded to a free plan with limited features, and will stay published for maximum 180 days if your account is inactive.

You will find options to upgrade/downgrade/cancel your listing on your Dashboard.

How can I purchase services & products?

Select the service or product you want to purchase, go to your cart and follow the instructions.

We charge a flat service fee of $2 on each purchase as administrative fee.

We do not store any confidential payment credentials on our site. Payments are solely provided through Paypal and Stripe Payment Gateways.

How can I contact the seller after a purchase?

After your purchase you can contact the seller directly through our internal message system.

If you purchased a service from an expert, you will have to send your instructions or additional files on the order details page. After your order is received by the seller, you will get a questionnaire to provide the seller with relevant information for the chosen service or product and will be able to start a conversation concerning the task.

Your service order will automatically be marked as completed 5 days after you received your final submission by the seller, if you do not file a complaint to us about it within this time frame or mark it “not ready".

How can I sell my services & products?

To be able to sell your services & products on ExpertMap, at first your “Expert Profile" needs to be approved. After approval you will find a new Dashboard Menu -> “Services & Products".

From there you can click on “Add new service or product" to start creating.

While creating your service, you can add your description, picture, price and a questionnaire asking for further requirements from your client. We only charge you on successful sales with a 10% flat commission.

After your service or product has been marked as completed, you can go back to “Services & Products" and click on “Withdrawal". You can apply for a withdraw with your Paypal account when your balance reach $10.

How can I post articles, jobs & events?

To add a new blog article, job offer or event you only need to be registered and upgraded your account to have submission rights. You don’t need to have an Expert/Company/Co-Working-Profile to be able to add new posts.

If you already have created an Expert Profile you can link your posts to it, to get even more visibility.

How can I contact your support?

We are happy to help you on any issue or question.
Please also feel free to provide us with your feedback.

Just click on “Community & Support" and drop us a message.

How can I reset my password?

To request a password reset for your account please use following link:
Reset Your Password

How can I change my password?

Log in to your account and navigate to your “Dashboard" -> “My Account"

Here you can change your password.

How can I change my email address?

Log in to your account and navigate to your “Dashboard" -> “My Account"

Here you can change your email address.

How can I change my personal data?

Log in to your account and navigate to your “Dashboard" -> “My Account"

Here you can change your “Display Name" and your “User Avatar".

How can I delete my account?

You can request deletion of your account from your Dashboard.

Please remember that all your listings will be deleted permanently.

Will there be a mobile app soon?

We are working on bringing you a native mobile experience for Android and  iOS very soon.

Stay tuned.