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About Me

Hello! I am a freelance junior developer living in Berlin, Germany with B1 level German.

I am a web developer with a background including customer service, merchandise management, and being a duo in a design & web development studio. I have experience with working across a variety of companies and teams, managing myself and others in projects, and developing a stronger, more efficient business model.

I have made the transition to full time web development after finding that it is a skill that I enjoy and want to further improve. I am looking forward to bringing my previous programming knowledge along with my management & collaboration experience into a flexible and inviting team.

My key skills include:

•html, (s)css, sass, bootstrap/material design

•react, vue, angular, react native

•node.js, express, SQL, mongodb, postgreSQL

•git, webpack, parcel, lambda aws

•figma, sketch, photoshop, adobe creative, heroku

•wordpress, squarespace

•problem-solving, detail-oriented, focus on efficiency

I am interested in & looking for opportunities in freelancing or joining a team remotely in Berlin, Germany. You can view my portfolio at rachel.coffee

What makes me unique

I am a dedicated, hard-working , very detail-oriented individual whose main goal is to learn and grow my knowledge through engaging with and participating in projects that challenge me or help my become more confident in my already developed skills.




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