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Hi, I am Vivian, I’m an email and content marketer with a background in graphic design, photography, and sustainable fashion. After four years single-handedly running an e-commerce brand, and nine years as a freelance graphic, and brand designer I am now looking for an in-house position as a content marketer to help other businesses reach more customers and build engaged communities that conver

What makes me unique

At 22 I moved from the United States to Germany (2013), without a word of German or a whisper of a plan. Since then I've built a successful freelance business in graphic design and later a successful sustainable fashion business from the ground up. I love a good challenge and any opportunity to learn new skills while putting them to good use. I have learned that the thumping heart of any project is it's marketing department which is why I have dedicated myself to this field.




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Founder, Graphic Designer, Marketer

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