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Product Designer at GitHub

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Product Designer

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GitHub powers the software development community. Since 2008, our platform has brought people together to collaborate on code, share ideas, and solve problems to build the future. As the largest host of open source software, GitHub is proud to be the place that open source communities like Swift, React, Kubernetes, and Node.js call home. We’ve enabled over 23 million developers and thousands of businesses around the world to build over 71 million software projects. From NASA using GitHub to put a rover on Mars to Mailchimp working to improve email, exciting new things happen every day on our platform.

Product design is represented at the highest levels within our organization and plays a central role to inform company strategy, the product roadmap, and how we work together. We welcome product designers of all experience levels to apply for this position.

As a product designer at GitHub, you’ll work with product managers, engineers, design managers, and other designers to define, design, develop, and iterate on the products we build and the process we use to do so. You’ll research, sketch, create mockups, and have the autonomy to write code and push to production. You’ll probably introduce a few bugs — that’s okay, we all have. Your work will be reviewed and you will review others’ work. You will use GitHub to build GitHub.

Product designers are embedded on teams along with engineers, product managers, quality, and data science to focus on problem areas like:

  • Cross-platform collaborative code editing and review
  • Team-specific communication around code and issue tracking
  • Nurturing the biggest open source software communities, whose projects power the internet
  • Integrated project management for developers
  • Scaling resources for managing teams of people working on software
  • Removing friction for developers while they write, review, and deploy their code — wherever they choose to do it
  • Extending GitHub with third-party apps and supporting the developers that make them
  • Additionally, you’ll provide input and feedback that helps influence the direction of design in other areas of GitHub.


  • You have a few years experience designing digital products
  • You can talk and write about your work
  • You’re comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and can explain the reasoning behind your opinions
  • You enjoy shepherding design from concept through implementation
  • You can work within a defined design system, but can explain why you might need to break outside of it
  • You value research as a foundational design component and like going deep into a particular problem space
  • You can use HTML and CSS as a design tool (to prototype and/or build your designs)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • You are comfortable using JavaScript, Ruby, or Git
  • You’ve used GitHub before or are familiar with modern developer workflows

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