Product UI, UX Designer at Prezly

Product UI, UX Designer at Prezly

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Prezly is looking for a UI/UX designer to boost our capacity in creating a world with more meaningful communication between organisations and people. Working closely with a product manager and builders to craft high-quality, impactful, and inclusive user experiences for communication experts all around the world.

As a product designer, you’ll be joining at an exciting time where design/user experience is becoming fundamental to our culture. You’ll be working in your own team that consists of design and engineering resources to drive projects forward.

We need you to help us build an amazing product — depending on the day this might be user research activities with our customers, communicating a user flow, designing a user flow, building an interactive prototype, getting to pixel-level perfection in a mockup, or sitting side-by-side with an engineer during implementation of your experiences. You will work on a variety of projects, from conceptual to tactical to growth mostly around the core Prezly product. Your work will ship continuously (when it’s done). You will have a direct impact in our customers’ experience and the overall trajectory of the business.

As our new teammate, you’ll be self-driven and work hard to bring value to your new company in the most effective way possible. You’ll work hard to make those around you better, communicate clearly, and make Prezly a better company.

Job requirements:

  • You have a creative mind and are able to see ideas through from concept to execution.
  • You efficiently collaborate with others, are always open to receive and constructively give feedback to people from all teams.
  • You have a good understanding of frontend development and can craft functioning prototypes or fix a spacing issue while doing QA
  • Your portfolio shows your skills in product design
  • You are enthusiastic to learn and grow as a UX/UI designer and a member of a software company.

You will:

  • Collaborate with other designer, engineers, and the founding team
  • Develop creative ideas and concepts together with the team
  • Rapidly sketch, prototype, provide options, articulate UX/UI tradeoffs, and iterate quickly
  • Build wireframes, interactive prototypes and polished designs
  • Lead design reviews with company leadership and provide expertise on how design can drive business results
  • Drive design through data, build methods to collect and analyze data from user interactions, run/attend experiments and user interviews
  • Translate design decisions into style guides, patterns and reusable components for other teammates to use to build the product
  • Implement strategies for standardizing design patterns across the site to speed development velocity across the team
  • Work directly with our engineers, delivering assets and assistance in building fully functional user interfaces
  • Help build a culture that promotes and values design throughout the organization

You will get:

  • Competitive salary with the option for equity
  • Great tools: What would Batman be without his utility belt? He’d still be badass. But you get the point. At Prezly you’ll get to choose your own gear.
  • Flexible hours: There’s a life outside of work. That’s why our distributed team works from where they want, when they want. And they get tons of work done.
  • Unlimited vacation time: We evaluate on value, not on time spent behind desks. Employees can take as many holidays as they need. This way they bring their A-game to the job.
  • Visits to Leuven: A few times per year the entire team gets together in the office in Leuven, the world’s capital of beer. We’ll fly you in so you can have fun with the team.