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15+ years experience in driving design/brands vision into solid design deliverables.

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About Me

A UX designer with 15+ years in customer-focused design roles collaborating with multicultural teams to create exceptional user-focused, brands, products, customer experiences and engagement strategies for brands, products and services, across global markets.

My practice has consistently involved unlocking Consumer / Market insights & reframing assumptions through research, analysis, planning, and problem-solving, with high design standards.

At every stage of my work, design-thinking, visual story-telling and, most importantly, empathy with my customers, is at the core of my decision-making to create well-designed, on-brand solutions – whether that’s products, ranges, services or experiences. Strong experience in directing, managing and driving a design/brand vision into solid design deliverables.

More recently my roles have all focussed on identifying the opportunities which lies at the intersection between ’emotional connection’ and tomorrow’s ‘need’. Knowing what people need informs everything I do, from concepts, colour palettes, and sourcing materials to creating user flows, interactions; wireframes and prototypes.

I’d like to work with a diverse progressive company, focussing on big-picture problem-solving, creating tangible change and positive impact through design, where I can continue to learn while bringing my experience and collaboration to teams in different disciplines on a variety of projects.

A passionate advocate for anti-racism, diversity & inclusion – all connected to what real sustainability means – a society where opportunity is a reality for all – without sacrifice – including that of the environment around us.

UX Skills: User Research + interviews . User personas | User flow . Wireframing + Prototyping . Usability testing . Information architecture . Application development . Responsive design . Brand strategy + creative direction . Communication + Copywriting . Moodboards & Graphic design. Ui direction | Mockups

What makes me unique

Being collaborative is a natural state for me, being a twin. Co-operating, working out what each individual or team needs and working from there is always satisfying.
I was born in the UK and grew up in both London, UK and Harare, Zimbabwe and have the privilege to work on 4 continents, straddling and learning about new places and people is always exciting and rewarding.





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Creative Director, Brand Strategist, UX design

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