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Veit Josef Schneider is an audio-engineer turned User Experience(UX) designer with a strong background in project support and product development. He has a natural passion for getting the job done and for delivering quality products. He brings 13+ years of experience working in the creative industry, on numerous web/video/audio projects and leading teams running over 600 music & culture events in Germany. He has worked in various industries, including Travel, E-Learning and Outsourcing.

His experiences and his passion for the area of technology & design has equipped him with a strong set of valuable competencies.  He utilises these to have a positive influence on the design of future products.

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“When I’m not designing I love to be outdoors to get inspired by nature. I am addicted to music, so I play a lot of instruments, and I even play in an irish & scots celtic music band named ‘Needle & Sword’. Veit Josef Schneider – Violin, Mandoline, Vocals, etc. ; Thomas Jakob Schneider – Guitar, Bouzouki, Tin-Whistle, Vocals, etc. ; Jessica Hardenberger – Celtic Harp, Accordeon, etc.”

What makes me unique

I’m an extremely committed, dedicated and natural enthusiast who wants to create for good. I am friendly, hard-working and work well both in a team and on my own.



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Certified User Experience Designer (CareerFoundry) Certified Audio Engineer (HOFA)

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